Notebook was recently acquired and transferred from Appigo to cgBIts.  We're hard at work on it and have some great updates coming.  Look for an update coming soon.



Collections - Notebook can sync with multiple Dropbox folders and multiple Toodledo Accounts allowing you to keep your personal and work notes organized and separate.

Stay in Sync - Notebook performs background synchronization so your notes are always in sync. Notebook will connect and stay in sync with:

  • Dropbox
  • Toodledo

Notebooks - Organized your notes into categories by placing them in Notebooks (folders).

Search - Find the note you need by searching across all collections and notebooks for words or phrases.

Compatible - Notebook stores your notes in a standard text format that can be shared with all of your iOS devices, Android devices, Mac, and PC.

Passcode - Protect your notes from others by setting an app-wide passcode.


Email - Support for Notebook is done via email. You can contact us at: